Playing with Poker Tools | The Definitive Step To Online Poker Domination

If you know your opponents, you will be able to read them, put them on hands and outplay them, whatever they are holding. To know your opponents you need to make use of the most revolutionary Poker Tools.

A simple example

Player 1 is playing poker as if it were primarily a card game. He holds QQ in middle position and is facing a small raise from under the gun and a fairly large reraise from the player in front of him. He’s thinking: I have pocket Queens, shall I call here or push all in? After he looks at his queens again he decides to push all in. The player who initially raised under the gun goes all in too, as does the initial reraiser. Player utg has AK, the reraising player turns over AA.

Player 2 is in the same situation as Player 1, and also holds QQ. But Player 2 has just opened Poker Software that gives him about 100 stats on each opponent. He sees that the raiser under the gun is slightly loose and calls a lot. He figures he might lay ahead with his QQ but it could also be a 50/50 deal. If he would have been heads up he might just call here and see a flop. But because there is a reraise he now looks at the statistics of the reraiser. Sure enough, he checks the preflop raise percentage of this guy which turns out to be only 2%! Player 2 is now sure he must discontinue playing QQ in this pot as he puts the reraiser on either KK or AA. After he folds he smiles at the sight of Aces winning against the AK with board 410552.

Why a Player who Plays with tools and thus plays the peoples game will win

Playing with Poker Tools

Online Poker is one of the biggest gaming industries out there. Millions of players play on hundreds of thousands of tables. This being said, it’s true that reading players becomes almost useless as players change tables often and you can’t remember all the names and historic plays. This is why you need Poker Software. Not just random tracking poker software that tracks all the players you play against but tries to track all players online and stores all data in a central online database so that you only need to open the Poker Tool and immediately receive statistics on all tables and players at hand. These kind of Poker Programs are also called Poker Stalking Tools.

Imagine having over 100 stats on each opponent and knowing exactly where the fish are sitting and bad players before you seat at a table.

These kind of Poker Tools form the definitive step to online poker domination as you know who you are playing against, regardless of how many times new players join your table, regardless of how many times you change from a table. And by this, you will know what to do in any hand. Tough decisions instantly become easy ones.